Life Transitions

"A ritual, a rite of passage, a ceremony, is a series of symbolic acts focused on fulfilling a particular intention.


We often think of ritual as belonging to the realm of religion, but in fact, rituals are an integral part of nature and our daily lives."

Excerpt from The Art of Ritual       Beck & Metrick 2003

Our lives are marked by transitions from rite of passages to milestones to transcendent opportunities. We can gather in ceremony to create an experience that honors and reflects the meaning of our individual and collective lives-- to share and hold sacred space for time, accomplishment, letting go or enlightenment and love.

Celebrate life transitions with customized, personal ceremonies.

"Blessingway" for motherhood

Baby welcoming * Newborn Naming *Adoption

Vow Renewal * Anniversary * Divorce

Graduation * Career Change * Retirement

House * Property Blessing

Pet adoption * loss

Celebration of Life * Memorial

Contact Kathi 970-261-2257 or  kathiroy@winecountryceremonies.

net to honor a transition in your life or someone else's with ceremony.


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