About Kathi

Welcome and Cheers!  I am Kathi Roy, a professionally trained wedding and end of life celebrant & officiant. Throughout my life I have held and facilitated rituals that honored sacred space, marked transitions and helped acknowledge and guide passages from one condition to another. After witnessing ceremonies that were not personal, I wanted to explore ways to imagine differently and give meaning to today's transitional ceremonies.

As a Life Cycle Celebrant, I've learned to co-create a ceremony for clients by really listening to their stories, desires and beliefs.

Finding the right words along with the most heartfelt rituals bring a ceremony to life. Our life cycles are meant to be marked and celebrated with story and ritual. Honoring the passages in our life cycle is a way to live in the moment, acknowledge and reflect while we honor the past, present and future.


 If you are interested in bringing the personal and time honored use of story to life's ceremonies,  I invite you to contact me to find out more about celebrating your story...



email  kathiroy@winecountryceremonies.net 
   call or text  970 261 2257

I believe deeply that we can make the transitions in our lives special--whether it's a threshold, crossroad, life-style

change or a personal or

professional achievement.

About Celebrants

Life Cycle Celebrants are trained in the art of ceremony!
We are professional ceremony officiants who believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to serve basic needs of society and the individual. We collaborate with clients to create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect the client's beliefs, philosophy of life and personality. We officiate all types of ceremonies and rituals: for welcoming babies and adoptions, coming of age, retirement, marriages, end of life and memorials.The opportunities to use ceremony to create connections among neighbors and families, and for healing and celebration are as varied as are the celebrants.
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